I'm Still Here

About 6 lbs, which is admirable for Harris Lake

It's been awhile! Figured I should check back in.

Fishing in the Raleigh area has been very spotty for me. They did some kind of treatment to tame the grasses in my home lake and that seems to have affected the fish population this year. Although I did catch the beauty above recently. I hope this isn't to be an every year type of thing.

My goal was to catch a 30+ lb flathead or blue catfish this summer but it didn't happen. Frankly, I think I spent too much time on Cape Fear, at the expense of some other waters where I may have had better luck. It could still happen over the fall, but it's looking like I'll have to pick the quest back in the spring next year. Oh well.

I've covered most of the initial set of topics I wanted to cover in this blog, so new ones are slow in coming until I get a burst of inspiration. Suggestions are always welcome!