Shearon Harris Lake – 6/3/2017

Well, I got a little redemption this morning.

I've got an immensely busy week ahead of me and I could only fish for about 2 hours today. So I didn't bother with the kayak. I just grabbed a rod and my tackle bag and went to nearby Shearon Harris.

I'd intended to go to "my spot" on the bank at Harris County Park, but I got there before the gates opened. I didn't want to waste any of my limited time waiting for the park rangers, so I hiked into another location on the lake outside the park. I'd never fished there before but it looked like prime fishing territory.

In actuality, it was only "okay". But I did manage to hook up with two decent sized (for this area) channel cats. The bigger of the two was a little over 7 lbs. They were both strong fighters. I had another nibble (probably a very small one), but I missed on him.

I kept the two I caught because the first one was gut-hooked and bleeding pretty bad. It would not have survived unfortunately. I then decided that if I caught one more I'd take it too in order to make a full meal for my family.

After last week, I needed some catfish success to get my confidence back!