Greetings from Kraków

This post has nothing to do with fishing or kayaking and is coming to you from Poland, where I'm at for the week. I got invited through my day job to speak at a "technology workshop" here hosted by a very large customer of ours.

Kraków is one of the largest cities in Poland. It is very old, having been in existence for over 1,000 years (and literally all the way back to the Stone Age if you include human settlements on the site that pre-date it being named Kraków). Unlike Warsaw, it was relatively undamaged by World War II, so much of Kraków's architecture and historical legacy is intact. Today, it's both an economic center for Poland and a tourist destination.

I'd love to do some fishing while I'm here, but I won't have time for it unfortunately. Outside of work, I'll just be doing the standard tourist thing. And a lot of photography, which is one of my other vices hobbies. If you're interested in my photos of Kraków, you should monitor my main website as I'm sure I'll post a lot of photos after I return.

It'll be a quiet week on until I return.

Until then, keep your lines tight!