Checking In

Well, I'm back from Poland. Had a great time! My business meetings were successful, I got to do a bit of sight-seeing, and I got a lot of great photos (which are filtering out on my main web site). I've only been fishing once since I returned and that was a mostly unsuccessful bank fishing trip. The weather and a very busy family life have conspired to make fishing difficult the last couple of weeks. I'm dying to get out on the yak! If everything goes to plan, I'll catch some bait fish on Wednesday evening, then take a half day of vacation on Thursday and try my luck on the Cape Fear again. Wish me luck...

I got a new car recently so I'm currently adjusting my kayak transportation setup a bit so I can use the Yakima SweetRoll with my new wheels. The new car is configured in a way that requires a couple of additional items for the SweetRoll to work right. I'll post a detailed description once I get all the kinks worked out.

Keep your lines tight!