Shearon Harris Lake - 3/25/2017

As a photographer, I'm mortified by my finger marring the upper part of this picture. But this is one of the few photos I have of the Guacamole in somewhat-full fishing regalia. So I'll just have to deal with it.

This last week I was out of town on business. By the time I returned to Raleigh on Friday, I was itching to get out on the lake again. I was hoping one of my kids would go with me but they didn't want to so it was a solo trip. I didn't have many expectations about fishing success. I just wanted to get out on the water. Good thing my expectations were in check because I didn't in fact catch much.

The weather was lovely. Mid 70s, overcast, with a light wind. Pretty ideal for enjoying the water.

The surface water temperature was about 58o, so the catfish I usually go for at this lake are still deep and sluggish. I figured I might get some crappie, but no luck there either. I didn't see or hear any other boaters getting excited, so I'm thinking the bite just wasn't very good.

Obligatory bow, feet, and water shot!

The fishfinder was showing pretty sparse action where I was at. I think I probably would have located more by moving deeper. I did pass over a few schools of bait fish, but overall things were very scattered. I think I'll troll a bit next time because the one pattern I did notice was that most of the ones I saw were at around 5-8 feet deep.

No thumbs, no feet!