Shearon Harris Lake - 2/25/2017

I hit Shearon Harris lake on Saturday morning. It was a gorgeous, warm day. The weather was perfect except the wind started picking up towards the end making the paddle back to the boat launch a bit of a chore. I was targeting catfish, but I had no luck. Despite all the warm weather, the water was still cold and the fish are grouping deep and slow to bite. There were a lot of bass anglers on the lake, and they didn't seem to be catching anything either.

No big deal. I accept that fishing my nearby lakes in the winter can be a crap shoot. It was a beautiful day, I got some needed peace and quiet, and some good exercise to boot. A very nice way to spend a Saturday morning.

In the photo, you can see the foam pipe insulation I use as a float on my catfish rods. It works great. It easily provides enough buoyancy to float the rod, and a couple of bucks gets you enough to do 3 rods.