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Transporting Revisited

One of the first articles on yakflak was about  transporting kayaks  and why I selected the gear that I did. The crucial requirement was, and remains, that a single person (uh, that would be me!) could load, transport, and unload the kayak. To date, my carrier – the Yakima SweetRoll  – has worked out marvelously. But after almost a quarter million miles of faithful service, I recently retired my old Honda CR-V and got a new car, a  Mazda3 hatchback . I love the new car! It is perfect for my needs. But there are some differences in this ride that required me to adjust my transporting scheme a little bit. As I said, the SweetRoll has worked really well and I wanted to continue to use it with the Mazda. I just needed a couple of additional components to make the system work as well with the Mazda as it did the Honda. Nice Rack The most obvious thing was that my new car didn't come with a roof rack. I considered having the dealer just install the Mazda rack but evidently

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