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Kayak Rigging Fasteners

Outfitting a kayak for fishing generally means having to fasten things to your boat. For this post, I'll talk a bit about the primary methods you can you use to do that.

It's kind of nerve-wracking drilling holes into your boat the first time. One, the boat might be new so there's that. But more importantly, drilling holes by definition means your boat now has a potential leak. But once you install your first thing successfully you realize it's really easy and nothing to get worked up about. Plastic is relatively soft and easy to drill into, so the physical aspect of it is no problem. The most critical thing is to make sure you put the hole exactly where it needs to be. Drilling a hole in the wrong place or, worse, deciding you installed your rod holder in the wrong place is not good. Repairing a hole in a poly kayak can be done, but it's a bit of a finesse job to do well so you want to avoid putting yourself in that situation.
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