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Fishing in Craptasia

Some days are diamonds,
Some days are stone.

Yesterday's fishing trip was remarkable for how crappy it was. And the actual fishing sucked too.

It started off well enough. On Saturday, I went to the pond and caught some bait fish. Very productive there. Half an hour and I was loaded up. That night I got my fishing gear and yak loaded on my old CR-V so I could be ready to roll as soon as I got up. I woke up at 2:43AM, which is two minutes before I'd set my alarm. I figured I'd be considerate to my wife and get up and turn off the alarm before it went off. Out of the house before 3AM. So far, so good.

Then I hit a deer.

I was about halfway to the river, on highway 42 driving through the forest. I knew there were a lot of deer along that road in the early morning so I was driving slower than usual and below the speed limit. But a pair were hidden behind a corner and by the time I saw them I was too close for any sort of evasive maneuver.

There was that interesting moment when y…

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