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Minimalist Fishing Tackle

When it comes to activities where I need to be mobile – fishing, camping, music, photography – I'm a minimalist. For example as a musician, when I'm playing in a band I like to assemble a "minimum viable rig" for whatever music I'm doing. I take a careful look at what is really indispensable for the music and try to eliminate anything I can do without. I'll carry back-ups, but only for stuff that is actually likely to need it (guitar strings, tubes, picks, cable, etc.) I also put a lot of thought into coming up with the ideal transport system (cases, bags, etc.) that minimizes size, weight, and set-up/tear-down time.

The goal is to be nimble and efficient. But more than that, I'm trying to minimize "overhead". I hate dead weight – stuff that takes more energy to deal with than value received. Not just carrying it, but managing it – keeping track of it, organizing it, not letting it clutter my working environment, maintaining it, and repairing it…

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